We are a collaborative of creative Designers & Engineers
We work with leading global organisations
to build products and experiences
that people love

Who we are

Sonal studio was created as a rebranding of Mark Zeh Innovation in late 2019

Our work starts with Research, to gain a deep understanding of user/business problems. We then creatively build and explore digital/physical platforms to resolve those needs. We are technologists and designers with both the technical competencies and global network to build and test almost anything we can imagine. We would welcome the chance to collaborate with your startup, product planning team, or advanced design team to apply our unique mix of Research, UX, ID, and Engineering skills to ideate, build, and test your future

We offer a wide variety of services: expert design thinking workshops; global ethnographic research; Industrial Design; UX Design; physical product Engineering... Core capabilites to ideate and prototype the future or refresh your current business

Sonal Studio's Sospeso Hanging Lamp System and Sospeso Table Lantern win category awards in the 2022 Prize Designs for Modern Furniture and Lighting sponsored by Global Design News and Chicago Athanaeum. Thanks to design evolution from Daniel Ronge and image development with Robin Kokaurek.

Sonal Studio wins the 2020 SIT Furniture Design Award for Innovative Lighting Design. Thanks to a collaboration with Yuree Hwang, who provided the expression and renderings

An interview with Dr. Chad McAllister on The Everyday Innovator Podcast

Contribution of chapter 7 to: "PDMA Essentials: Design and Design Thinking" from John Wiley & Sons

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